5 Artists We Believe Deserve a Colors X Studios Showcase.

illustrator for 5 Artists We Believe Deserve a Colors X Studios Showcase.

The fusion of branding and an unconventional approach to discovering music is embodied in Colors x Studios. Recognizable by a falling microphone against a plain minimalist backdrop, it signifies a unique performance experience. This platform has redefined how artists showcase their talents, turning it into a psychological test that reveals elevation when they express their hearts in an intimate setting, resonating with both fans and listeners. 

Having witnessed Ayra, Buju, Bien, Maya Amolo, and Xeniahmanasseh, I’m inspired to curate a new list for Colors, transforming my desires into an open letter, hopeful that the platform is in the process of making dreams a reality.

Una Rams

Una Rams, a multifaceted artist and producer hailing from Pretoria, South Africa, is a creative genius with a music style that blends various genres into an eclectic sound. His notable contribution to the Grammy-winning Black Coffee album earned him recognition. Co-owning a record label, he showcases his diversity on the ‘Hold Me When It’s Cold’ EP, featuring five tracks where each stands out, making it challenging to pick a favorite.

‘Body Party’ is the sole single without features, a reassuring romantic ballad executed seamlessly. Imagine Prince performing this intimate piece on the Colors X Studios platform against a Solid Royal Purple background – a captivating and soulful experience.

Kirani Ayat

Kirani Ayat, a noteworthy contributor to Ghana’s indie hip-hop genre, has a distinct style evident in the acoustic rendition of ‘Woman.’ Anyone familiar with his album likely shares similar sentiments, appreciating the vocal arrangement, chords, and rhythm.

Performing this acoustic version on the Colors x Studios platform would be a perfect match for the platform’s mood. His soft vocals gliding over piano keys, in sync with slow and sensual beats, create a heartfelt ballad dedicated to his woman. Imagining this against a timeless green background on Colors x Studios would be the ideal setting for such a performance.

Tim Lyre

After the debut album, Tim Lyre continues to build on the greatness he introduced to his fans with ‘Masta,’ showcasing his prowess as an Afro-Fusion singer, instrumentalist, and producer. Among the 8 songs, I’d love to see him perform ‘Skyline,’ the hip-hop mix with an Alte twist, deserving of a cool beige background.

Its groovy and upbeat vibe, coupled with slow gyrations, finds perfect balance with the rap elements, making it Colors-worthy. A beige-colored background would be my suggestion, setting the right tone for this Nigerian artist’s captivating performance.

Kojo Cue

Ghanaian hip-hop artist Kojo Cue, known for his energetic style, makes a powerful comeback with ‘I’m Back’ after a two-year hiatus. The track, ‘Someway’ fueled by high energy, particularly stands out with its basketball references. For a Colors x Studios performance, envisioning Kojo Cue against an orange background would be fitting, echoing the vibrant and dynamic essence of his return to the music scene.

Shane Eagle

Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, Shane Eagle’s journey from fourth place in the Vuzu rapping reality show to international features is a testament to his versatility. His “Akira” album, spanning 46 minutes with 14 songs, features guest performances by Jtek, Jahil Beats, and Nigerian Alte artist Cruel Santino.

A standout from the album for me is ‘Mutant,’ where Shane’s lyrics skillfully navigate a conscious yet profound revelation of how he navigates life’s challenges. Imagining a dynamic and explosive performance against a solid mud background, matching the album cover, would perfectly complement the melodic twists and raw energy of the track.

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