5 Debuting Brands on the Lagos Fahion Week23 Runway.

illustrator for 5 Debuting Brands on the Lagos Fahion Week23 Runway.

On this week’s edition, we revist moments from the recently concluded Lagos Fashion week, celebrating the debut of fashion brands on the runway.


The women’s fashion brand seamlessly integrates eco-friendly practices with the creation of enduring and sustainable fashion pieces. Their debut at Lagos Fashion Week, featuring reimagined denim garments, serves as a clear testament to their dedication and mission of embarking on an eco-conscious and enduring denim journey. They achieve this by repurposing second-hand denim in Lagos, resulting in captivating and feminine fashion.

Dust of the Earth

“Dust of the Earth,” a name reflecting their core values of environmental consciousness, is a sustainable fashion house with a strong dedication to creating ethical and eco-friendly clothing. This brand excels in upcycling items like preloved joggers and socks, with handmade embroidered shoes that pay homage to delicate craftsmanship. Their 23 collection, “Tales by Moonlight,”highlighs their commitment to sustainable fashion.


Their designs feature unique patterns, colors, and unconventional styling, weaving a narrative that reflects personal experiences. From intricate embroidery to repurposed denim, these pieces pay homage to childhood memories while also making a mark on future fashion references.


This fashion house’s ethos centers around creativity, sustainability, eco-consciousness, and unique detailing, all while ensuring that each wearer maintains their individuality. Their range spans from male mesh tops to women’s silhouetted clothing, embodying these values throughout their diverse offerings.

Kente Gentlemen

Fearless and daring,This fashion brand is known for its audacious and bold designs. It made a prominent appearance on the Vogue runway and gained recognition after winning the African Fashion Up incubator program. With the motto “A woman wearing a suit is,” this fashion house envisions the world as its oyster, encouraging progress, exploration, and experimentation.

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