7 African Indie Acts to Have on Your Radar.

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Since our introduction, Wesoko has served as a haven for indie talents, whose dedication to crafting music on their terms is truly inspiring. Despite gatekeeping norms, our priority in nurturing a community takes precedence.

Stay tuned as we reveal 7 recommended indie acts, we are confident you’ll love and keep on rotation.

Yinka Bernie (NG)

Soko Yinka Bernie

 Onaduja Reuben Yinka is a Nigerian multifaceted artist. The virtuoso act excelling in production, singing, sound curation, and tech, has made a mark as an indie-Alte artist. Notable for co-founding ‘Egwure Records,’ and producing Amaarae’s hit record “SAD GIRLZ LOVE MONEY.”

Yinka Bernie’s distinctive voice and intimate musical style offer an escape from the noise. His discography reflects profound journeys. It’s fair to say Yinka Bernie makes music for those at peace with themselves.

Baaba J (GH)

Soko Baaba J

Jemima Baaba Haywood-Dadzie, is a rapidly emerging Ghanaian reggae-alte artist. Her distinctive sound blends indigenous reggae, pop, and highlife. Her latest project, ‘Okay Baby, Let’s Do It,’ is a testament to the quality of her music highlighted by her lyrical composition, production delivery, and cadence, adding brilliance to her discography.

Tommy WÁ (NG)

Soko Africa Tommy Wa

This Nigerian Indie artist, now based in Ghana, presents a diverse musical journey rooted in Afro folklore with a contemporary touch, seamlessly blending genres like R&B. From his “Me in Me” EP to the “Roadman and Folks” album, he exhibits a conscious approach to themes, sound fusion, and meticulous production. His music, a rich blend of poetic, soulful, and conscious elements, captivates listeners, ensuring a good time. Anticipation builds for his forthcoming work to be realesed on the 3oth of November, as he consistently meets and exceeds expectations, setting high standards for his music.

Njerae (KE)

Soko Afrika Njerae

Kenyan singer and songwriter Njeri Mwengi captivates with profound storytelling. Her pop-soul sound, adorned with delicate harmonies and sweet vocals, takes listeners on an intimate journey. Whether it’s the first or repeated listen, each experience with Njerae feels like discovering a pot of luck anew. The seamless blend of English and native dialect adds beauty to her exceptional combination, crafting delicate and feel-good harmonies.

Xenia Manasseh (KE)

Soko Afrika Xenia Manasseh

Renowned as a versatile singer and highly acclaimed songwriter, Xenia Manasseh boasts an impressive portfolio of writing credits. Her unmistakable sound has become a cornerstone of the emerging Sub-Saharan music scene, establishing dominance and a unique presence that lingers. Following  Spotify Equal and Radar Ambassadorship, and Colors x Studios performance.

 Xenia is currently in her ‘I am who I think I am era.’ With each release, she consistently tops the charts, solidifying her status as a musical gem deserving of lasting respect. Xenia Manaseeh’s music is a manifestation of perfection, seemingly ahead of its time while embracing the quality of the Reverend ’90s R&B that stood out, setting the pace for the current generation with its exquisite musical taste. Her soulful, seamless blend of Neo-soul and R&B, coupled with poignant lyrics, defines her distinctive musical style.

Maya Amolo (KE)

Soko Afrika Maya Amolo

Maya Amolo, hailed by RadrAfrica as the coolest trailblazer in the Kenyan R&B Alternative scene, is someone you definitely shouldn’t overlook. Missing out on her discography means skipping intimate themes, ranging from love to heartbreak, as she navigates life and self-development . Her vocal dexterity and enchanting delivery, combined with compelling lyrics, make her an unmissable figure in the Alternative R&B scene.

Mauimoøn (UG)

Mauimoøn Soko Afrika

Mauimoøn, a talented and proudly Ugandan musical genius, made waves on Spotify’s Fresh Finds in 2022. Operating under the alias Le Soulchyld, he showcases his versatility as a producer. His discography is a hybrid fusion of R&B, pop, and hip-hop. In November 2023, he presented the silky R&B pop soulful track “Groove with Me.” If you haven’t heard of him, be sure to check out his impressive “Colors” performance.

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