Alright, let’s talk about Brymo!

illustrator for Alright, let’s talk about Brymo!
  • By Titilope Adesanya

I see you have an issue with how Brymo dressed in the video for ‘Heya!’. I like that you have the compass to see naked skin and think;

‘oh no, there has to be shame‘. 

‘Oh no! he has to cover up’.

I applaud your senses for being awake finally. However, what I cannot wrap my head around is why you only see it now that Brymo does it? It would seem you are fine with Bikinis and tongs on your screens as long as it is not a man wearing it? Not a man whom for all we know, is expressly channelling the fathers before him?

I will refrain really from seriously analysing a handful of other moments in musical history you could have and should have risen up in ‘words’, and made those smartly calculated tweets. Instead, I will like to ask you to watch the video. Watch it again, this time, concentrate less on Brymo’s animal-skin-clad nakedness, this time instead, listen to the lyrics.

Just the first lines of his message reads ‘Everybody say them dey go their way, but I notice say, say we dey block each other way’. and I find this extremely ironical.

In the end, my only plea is that you decide what your moral standings are, and hold everyone to that. Don’t move around like the wind and dust-up that white hat only when you find it appropriate. At the very least, take mama’s advice; ‘if you haven’t got anything nice to say’…


Like Brymo or not, you have to identify with his message.



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