Exploring The Musical Odes to Carolinas

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From Dr. Alban’s “Carolina” to Wizkid’s “Caro” and Amine’s “Carolina”, the captivating story of this muse has transcended borders and served as a central theme in musical introspection and discussion around the world.

We bring to you songs that continue the legacy, of the names Caro, Cariline and Carolina in the realm of music.

Dr Alban – Guess Whose Coming to Dinner

 The Swedish, hip-hop, dance hall, and reggae veteran released the infectious jam,”Guess Whose Coming to Dinner” he speaks on expecting a visitation from a love interest , who goes by the name “ Carolina”. In 2019, a remix to this track titled “Carolina” was made featuring Alban’s cousin Charly Boy, the Nigerian Pidgin versions presented a more relatable experience. Cementing in gold slate and trail marking the recurring use of the allusion to a lover of interest “ Carolina” in the Nigerian Music hemisphere.

Wizkid ft Lax- Caro

Wizkids’ evergreen banger “Caro” is a track that caught across generations, those who grew up listening to it and others who were in their prime at the time of release.

The immediately recognizable lyrics “Caro your body necessary,” the infectious Melody has the effect of transporting you to the ease you felt at the time of release. Wizkid and LAX’s Caro is a stand-out reference for Carolina, especially among the younger generation who are not quite familiar with Dr Alban and Charlie Boy’s Carolina.

I’m looking for Caro, show me Caro, where are you Caro describes our reaction to the proliferation of Caro’s in music.

Awilo Longomba- Karolina

 The Congolese evergreen maestro, Awilo Longomba is regarded as one of the most significant contributors to the African music sphere. Dominating soundwaves and parties and renowned for his energetic dance routines, catchy tunes and melodies which leaves a lasting impression on listners.

Karolina is one of the timeless productions of Awilo logomba, a musical masterpiece that would go on to be celebrated by generations to come.

Sauce Kid ft Davido- Carolina

Sauce Kid enlists, the “Back when” crooner for Carolina. This combination in the hands of virtuoso producer Maleek Berry is magic on the keys and greatness in the ears of listeners. It was one of those bops you have on repeat, Davido’s infectious chorus and the use of Carolina makes it stand out evern more, its balances Sauce Kid ‘s impeccable flow and oustanding rythmic pattern.

Carolina is seated amongst the top 100 Nigerian summer bops dominating the soundwaves from the time of its release till the present.

Dj Kaywise ft Tecno, Falz- Caro

Titled “Caro”, this song symbolizes its status as a hit, With Dj Kaywise skillfully collaborating with two influential figures, Tecno and Falz.

Released in 2017, the lively and fast paced “Caro” track is brimming with infectious lyrics, a powerful rhythm, and a memorable melody that is sure to get people dancing as they savor the music.

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