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  • By Titilope Adesanya

In no particular order, here is a list of videos I think you need to see before the day ends.

Deja Vu – Ricky Tyler (ZA)

Nothing prepares you for how simple, beautiful and sad this video is. If you’ve ever had something taken away from you, then this won’t be the last time you press play on this video.

Killah – OBT (NG)

RAW energy, spiced with a little bit of amateur choreography. Killah showcases the streets, the life and the spirit of Lagos.

The kid in the yellow shirt and the bike has to be my favourite though. You have to watch it to understand.


Maternity – Clique Viral ft. T.I.M & Cleo Ice Queen (ZM)

These guys are the types that go on to represent African on world stages without the need to compromise their authenticity. As a matter of fact, this uniqueness would be one of the reasons they get there.

From Zambia, young and hungry but also fathers to be it would seem.

Yours Sincerely – Mich Straaw (NG)

A love song translated through the calm of the waves. It’s Lagos like you are probably not accustomed to.

It’s everything the title claims and more.


Solilel De Volt – Baloji (DRC)

Looking for dancing dark chocolates in head scarfs? Look no further.

This video is more than the energetic musical production that would have you air drumming.


Ire  – Adekunle Gold (NG)

The prayer that we never figure out a little too late what we were capable of all along is beautifully depicted in Adekunle Gold’s intensely felt ‘Ire’ which stands for goodness. 


VITALO – Jean Daniel (DRC)

Released in 2017, this video is not like many you’ve seen from Congo.

Sharing the vital water from Central Africa, Jean-Daniel takes to the streets his creativity for showcasing the colour of his people in the video of Vitalo; a single off his Wesley Snipes EP.

When he isn’t rapping, he is directing commercials and his keen eye for authenticity is evident in this self-directed visual.

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