Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs To Listen To

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Feeling clogged up with emotions or simply overwhelmed by everything going on? Studies suggest music can boost happiness and reduce anxiety and stress and in this edition, we compiled a list of songs from around the continent that are bound to make you feel something. Songs loaded with tranquillity, clarity, and energetic vibes, bound to boost your mood and stimulate your mind.

Phaemous & Tim lyre – GBEDU (NG)

Gbedu is a slow jam, no doubt a song for the ladies meant to flow smoothly like butter. GBEDU which means “Big Drum” and is a percussion instrument can also be described as “ music that enters the body” or as in Nigerian pidgin “music wey dey enter body”. Here Phæmous & Tim Lyre go back to back on a well-sculpted beat produced by UCEE giving us flows and rhythms on sweet percussions un-earthed from both the R&B & Alternative sound spectrum. This song is a perfect fusion of both genres.

Juls- Angele Ni Fie ft Sango (GH)

Juls has undeniably made his mark on the African music scene, first as an amazing and talented producer and even an artist himself. He collaborates with Seatle based DJ and producer Sango on a 2-track EP titled Fufu and Grits which features a fusion of sounds unique to black individuals such as jazz, Amapiano, Afrobeats and Brazilian funk. The song itself has no lyrics; just the best and overlapping vocals but it inspires an infectious feeling, like walking out of the bank with a pocket full of cash. Juls describes the project as an experimental sound, a perfect blend of different cultures across the Atlantic.

Sjava -Umcebo (SA)

Grammy nominated South African artist Sjava created a truly Spiritual masterpiece with this song. Listening stirs feelings of peace,healing and clarity for Africa and Africans as depicted in the visuals in which he conceptualized the violence Africans endure as well as the beauty of love, black joy and grief. All this he does in a genuine light. The song itself translates loosely as a prayer asking for wisdom and love as opposed to power and wealth which promote Western standards and materialism as power in the hands of a foolish man will ultimately lead to abuse and loss of lives.

Fatoumata Diawara & Disclosure – Douha (Mail Mali) (MLI)

I think the best way to describe Fatoumata is: absolutely brilliant. She has the voice of her African ancestors. The Grammy-nominated Malian singer and songwriter combines traditional Wassoulou music which is mostly performed by women with international styles like disclosure in this instance, an electronic/dance, and deep house music duo with their own genre.

This song is bound to catch your attention because the sounds are so familiar and get you sweating hopefully not because it’s hot but because you couldn’t resist the urge to dance and release your body to the gravitations this tune emits.

Oxlade x Colors- KU LO SA (NG)

Oxlade brings love and romantic vibes to the fore in this song, both vibes are not as smooth as the vocals make it sound. He is troubled by the distance between him and his love as well as the hatred of his lover’s father towards him. If we recall this story was visualized in the TG Omori-directed video for “Away” a lead single off his debut EP.

Alewya- Dragon (ETH)

Alewya Demisee, born in Saudi Arabia to an Egyptian father and Ethiopian mother was brought up in Sudan before her family relocated to the UK as refugees.

On this track she addressed repressing the truth and power inside her, feeling her roots and taking on the challenge of letting all the madness, the dragon inside her spill out.

She is undeniably skilled and talented and the Ep was a solid project with no skips for me.

Ckay- WATAWI ft Davido, Focalistic & Abidoza (NG)

Loverboy Ckay the love Nwantinti crooner changes the narrative on this track, he talks about being on his P(whatever that means *dramatic eye roll*) and how his lover shouldn’t think too deeply of their relationship or situationship because he will only tell her things she wants to hear and they are just individuals co-existing in this mad world at the end of the day. Not sure how Ckay’s lover will receive such news but this track is a bop, complemented by Davido, Focalistic, and Abidoza to create an Amapiano melody.

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