Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs To Listen To

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– Oibiee

Love is in the air, and we have a lineup to remind you that loving yourself is a must for loving others. This week’s edition serves as a reminder to love yourself by transporting you to the appropriate locations, providing you with the appropriate mantras, and establishing the appropriate tempo for you in our fast-paced society. Groovy and calming music, blending Amapiano, Fuji, Afrobeats, and Afro-fusion.

Tim Lyre – Confess (NG)

A sultry saxophone solo, layered over sombre electronic pads, usher you into the turmoil of Tim’s mind as he contemplates what he has to confess, somewhat like the intro before an icon walks onto the stage for a life-changing performance.

Confess is a classic  rags to riches storyline playing out with Tim as a construction worker who yearns to be recognised for his true value as a performer if there’s anything you need to confess maybe first to yourself 2023 is the year and Confess is the song to help you get there. Listen to the lyrics and enjoy the visuals for the full experience.

Ricky Tyler x Karun – Video Games (SA) 

Ever consider your life to be merely a dream? As Ricky Tyler x Karun yank you out of the simulation and advise you to “seize the day,” they assist you in gaining perspective. Listen to video games if you’re waiting around for things to happen for you or for acceptance from others.

a gentle admonition to stop waiting around as if every day were guaranteed and to stop wandering in circles. Video Games is the tune to help you look from the outside in if you ever find yourself in a rut or an unhealthy pattern. 

Gillian Baci – OH OH (NG)

OH OH is a song of self-love emphasizing that failing is a human experience. It serves as a reminder that while it’s alright to say OH OH when things go wrong, that should not serve as the journey’s final destination but rather just another step on the route.

Through the sounds and images of the loveliest love song you could ever play for yourself, Gillian Baci, one of Nigeria’s few pop musicians, delivers a compelling tale. Listen to OH OH for some affirmation, motivation, and encouragement if you’ve encountered a few roadblocks.

Moliy x Moonchild Sanely – Hard (GH)

Hard is the tale of a young woman who, at one point, was extremely cool under pressure and demanded of her boyfriend a change in behavior. She is stern and self-assured, not hysterical, but she is frank about her preferences. Hard serves as a reminder that you don’t have to yell to express your desires, but you do need to be aware of them.

Off the Honeydoom EP, Moliy and Moonchild Sanely’s explosive afropop collaboration, Hard, hits all the perfect notes and calms all the strained nerves. The ideal music if someone has your blood boiling.

Mannywellz – Skeddadle (NG)

The energy in 2023 is “Ginger me or skeddadle”!  Everyone should make thoughtful decisions because this is a year to take it easy. If your mantra differs from this Mannywellz is showing you the way with the countercultural video, ever seen three women pushing one man’s car at the same time?
A blend of afrobeats with a fuji influence, his vocals complement the upbeat vibe of the song. If a woman or man is making you anxious. Skeddadle is well regarded for its humorous visuals, straightforward and sincere lyrics, and funky production.

Zuchu – Utaniua (TZ)

A melodic high-life love tune that you didn’t realize you needed at this time. The seductive rhythms of Zuchu’s song Utaniua entice you to share that love story you’ve been holding back. An appeal to love’s explosive nature when it manifests Zuchu describes the frantic speed and emotional ups and downs that seem to occur with love. If you’re resisting your feelings, listen to this song.

Kabza De Small – Khusela (SA)

Khusela by an African Orchestra is the ideal song to settle your anxieties and take you to your safe zone. It is slow, steady, and relaxing. The combination of shakers, bass, and a variety of african instruments, which are all expertly mixed, will transport you high above your concerns and anxieties like a magic carpet. Despite the chaos all around you, the vocals keep you focused and keep you anchored. Your day should end with a collaborative masterpiece by Kabza De Small ft Msaki, it is the ideal 8 blissful minutes to unwind as well.

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