Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs To Listen To

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In this carefully curated selection of songs, you’ll find a harmonious blend of different styles and moods that will transport you to another world. So sit back, relax, and let this playlist take you on a musical journey that you won’t forget anytime soon.

EASY FREAK, Langa Mavuso – All I Want (ZA) 

A sweet, sweet love song about being head-over-heels in love. Vocal range on steroids!

South African duo Easy Freak fuses electronic beats, funky guitar riffs, synth melodies, and smooth vocals to make this catchy love song. The lyrics are about being in love and wanting to be with the person you care about most, even if it means sacrificing other things. The chorus repeats the line “All I want is you” which is both simple and powerful in its message.

Odumodublvck – Declan Rice (NG)

Odumodublvck is finally getting his moment in the spotlight and we are here for it. ‘Declan Rice’ is a beautiful example of a cross-cultural track that opens with an electrifying intro, as the pulsating drums and rhythmic bassline set the tone for the rest of the song. Melding the worlds of football and music, Odumodublvck’s flow scheme shines through, as he sings about Rice’s impressive football skills and his journey to success. 

You should hear the gunshots in the second verse! That final, unexpected shot? Somebody give the producer (Trill) his flowers now!

Dadju – Verre de Trop (DRC)

“Verre de Trop” is a song by French singer-songwriter Dadju in which he carefully emotes the pain of lost love. The song, which translates to “One Glass Too Many” in English, is a melancholic R&B track that touches on themes of heartbreak and regret. Dadju reflects on a past relationship that ended badly, wondering if things could have happened differently, and wishing he could turn back time. The song’s slow, atmospheric beat and haunting vocals add to its emotional impact.

Lojay- Yahweh (NG)

Nigerian superstar Lojay comes through on his latest EP Gangster Romantic, and our favorite is this track called ‘Yahweh‘. You would think this was a spiritual song, but it is in fact a sexual song! He subtly and smoothly croons his muse, while detailing some of the R-rated stuff that happens in their bedroom. A beautiful wordsmith!

Amaarae – Reckless and Sweet  (GH)

 “Reckless and Sweet” is the first single leading to Amaarae’s sophomore album, ‘Fountain Baby’.

She breathily weaves a story about a lover’s ulterior motives, with a mix of different sounds ranging from Arabic to Indian and African. Pay attention to the chorus—it’s so sweet, you wouldn’t think it was a callout song, lol!

Elaine – Loving You ft Blxckie (ZA)

“Loving You” by South African R&B artist Elaine and rapper Blxckie is a beautiful and soulful love song that captures the essence of being deeply in love and being on the joyride for the long run despite not being perfect. 

The song starts with a mellow instrumental that sets the tone for the romantic lyrics that follow.  Elaine’s incredible talent shines through in this song to blend with Blxckie’s matching lyrics, making it a true masterpiece of modern-day R&B.

Joshua Baraka – Nana (UG)

“Nana’ is a High- Breed blend of Afro and Reggaeton, a smooth vocal curated and performed by Ugandan musician Joshua Baraka where he sings his soul out to his babe “Nana”, telling her that he would “love her daily till he can’t no more”.

The song is made up of beautiful melodies with a simple rhythm that is catchy and pleasant to the ears.  Joshua pours his heart into the song and expresses it perfectly well in the music video.

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