Psst Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs To Listen To

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– Oibiee

To shake up your summer playlist, this week we compiled a diverse mix of songs from all around the African continent.

Tim Lyre  –  Chasing Wind (NG)

Soul mixed & Dancehall delivered by Tim Lyre in this song, gives life’s ups and downs a cheery cadence. Reflecting on life and the fleeting moments spent chasing that longed-for destination. He talks through a myriad of issues including bills, the worry of his mum, recognizing your worth, friendships, and a general mental state of balance or in-balance as it were.

His versatility is punctuated by incorporating patois into the otherwise soulful song.

Mia -The Other Side (CV)  

If Beyonce and Jasmine Sullivan had a child, she would possess the captivating prowess of Mia. Hailing from Northern Cape Verde this talented artist takes listeners on an enchanting afro R&B Soul journey with her vocal delivery on “The Other Side.”

In this single featured on her debut EP also titled The Other Side, Mia confidently questions the underlying motives behind a man’s call to dance that reflects a social norm as she tries to dig into the undertones of men with an air of entitlement beckoning women to dance.

Ria Boss x T’Neeya – Damn  (GH)  

Oh, the sound of horns, drums, and strings! Damn! Ria Boss.

Offering an electrifying live music experience, Ria Boss and T’Neeya take you on an inspiring journey celebrating the strength and beauty of women. With rich powerful vocals reminiscent of iconic artists like Jill Scott and Ella Fitzgerald, it’s like stepping into a scene straight out of “The Greatest Showman.”

Dwin, the Stoic x Rhaffy –  Allez  (NG)

Perhaps an unusual heartbreak tune for most, accepting the reality of an experience without negative overtones is the message of Allez! Dwin the Stoic speaks to letting go, healing, and forging forward after the loss of a lovely thing.

If your heart is crushed but you’re not trying to be a bitter ex, go out, and take a run whilst listening to this. The thudding drums will keep you in line.

LP Giobbi – All I Need (DESIREE Remix) (SA)

Dance, jazz piano, and classical are blended with amapiano in this remix of ‘All I Need’ by South African DJ DESIREES.

Taken off the remix pack of Light Places – the debut album by DJ, Producer, and Pianist LP Giobbi, this track is an unpredictable upbeat rhythm; light on the words, heavy on the beat, making it the ideal new add for your summer playlist.

Yaw Tog ft Roii –  Obra (GH)

The first we’ve seen of a young Ghanaian and South African hip-hop collaboration, this drill record Obra fascinatingly lays out the POV of a youngin as they talk of the pressure and exhaustion of being young in such a fast-paced society and their realization that most things are smoke and mirrors and not always as they seem.

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