Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs To Listen To

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This edition of Cool stuff features soft melodies and chill vibes from Nu funk, Afro indie, and alternative artists in Africa who insist on doing things differently through their style and expressiveness. You’re going to want to kick back and relax for this one and let it take you to places that may feel unfamiliar.

YKB – San siro (NG)

Like a lover luring you into a surprise, YKB formerly known as yusufkanbai curates an enthralling experience by positioning himself as a superhero. A love story told over an Afro indie cadence crafted with his unique singing voice, stylish personality and peculiar style of stringing words together add a magical touch to his music.

San Siro is a happy love song, perfect for an afternoon drive!

Ondara -A Nocturnal Heresy (KE)

Ondara, also known as Spanish Villager, sings spellbinding music that seeks to spread magic and political awareness. The Kenyan-born singer draws influence from rock musicians he started listening to even when he did not know the meaning of the words they sang. Ondara sings in a thick and unique form belying the fact that English is his second language. A Nocturnal Heresy is one of the pre-released songs from his upcoming album; the Spanish villager and I dare say there is much to expect.

Goldfish – Get Busy Living ft Emily Bruce (SA)

With enthralling visuals and reverberating sounds, Goldfish, a South African electronic music creates dance music containing elements of house, pop, jazz, and African sounds. This upbeat and catchy, jam subtly asks if you’re living or you’re too busy living. The robust sounds usher you down memory lane as you determine if you’re using what you’ve been given.
The duo is very passionate about live music which influences the dynamic nature of their sound and presence at live music events all around the world.

Moyoswrld – Sweet fears  (NG)

A fusion of trap, pop, and a creative amount of dexterity, Sweet fears is characteristic of Moyoswrld’s ability to guide your transitions from high energy to soft energy. On this track, she samples the 1983 classic rock/Synth-pop banger ‘Sweet dreams’ by Eurythmics and undeniably. “Sweet Fears” is song off a 7-track EP Sex on Drugs released in 2021, which set the Nigerian-born artist apart as a gem in her own lane. 

SirBastien – Changes ft SGaWD (NG)

Changes is a smooth and buttery song off SirBastien’s recent EP titled Jellyfish. The collaboration with SGaWD intensifies the silky allure of the song with her stylish and witty pen game.

This song is characteristic of SirBastien’s quirky and creative nature which is reflective of his production processes. Since his debut album; Mango which he released in 2019 he has gone on to establish himself as a talented producer and artist.

Kwaku Asante – Molasses (GH)

With his smooth baritone, nu-funk synths, and jazz ambiance, Kwaku Asante carries this song along with its listeners to that point where hyper-masculinity fades and all things soft can thrive.

With Molasses, Kwaku Asante tries and succeeds in tenderly capturing desire, romance, and the promise of sexual healing if his lover opens up to him and recognizes that he feels just as insecure.

Ukweli & KASHA – Silaha (KE)

A mid-tempo dance / electronic song with a percussion-driven groove, silky smooth bass lines, and a reverb-soaked saxophone to create an undeniably danceable track inspired by afro-house, highlife & taarab, Silaha is a jam for all seasons.

Delivered in Swahili by KASHA, the song’s lyrics are about dealing with pent-up anger and frustration. The powerful and emotive vocals, a combination of mystique and sensuality exude traditional African prowess.

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