Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs To Listen To

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Back again with songs across the continent that simply prove there are over a million ways to feel. From the Amapiano grooves that have simply refused to fade away, to a fusion of Afro music with R&B and trap, you have no reason not to know how to feel. Choose your fighter and get your groove on stat!

Lous & the Yakuza – Kisé (DRC)

Words that best describe Lous are: sensitive, hard-hitting and committer to the art and poetry that song writing requires. Lous is a genuine revelation brought to life by her expressive album covers and unique grasp of trap, R&B as well as pop music. Which she skillfully delivers in French.

The Congolese Singer is setting herself apart in a lane artfully crafted to create room for her in an industry where she stands out. The visuals for this song feature crisp and stylish scenes that give a feel of a retro / vintage film, topped off with aesthetics that give you more reasons to fall in love with Lous. Enjoy 

KiDi – Champagne (GH)

Through music we’re reminded of how deep we are in the hustle culture, often forgetting to catch a break and release stress or simply just celebrate our lives and all the pain we’ve overcome. KiDi successfully captured this message, and the mood required for unwinding on this jam. I mean what’s a celebration without Champagne? On this song KiDi announces; We Outside. Experience life as the celebrant of the occasion not because it’s your birthday but simply because you deserve it. Cheers to that!

Victony – Soweto ft Tempoe (NG)

Since he popped off on SoundCloud, Victony has kept the buzz going even harder and harder as the days go by. This year has had him featured on all the charts be it on personal projects, collaborations, and features that he always kills. Surprisingly, he started his music career as a rapper but this versatile young stud has honed his skills to be as dynamic and versatile as the mood requires. A perfect example is this tune off his latest EP ‘Outlaw’. This song made its rounds and now is back disturbing our speakers, ready to sweep the continent and beyond as it urges you to move your body to this soft groovy tune.

Nyamekye Junction – Eyes don’t see (GH)

Nyamekye Junction is an Accra-based trio that brings together Burundian singer and producer Betina Quest, Ghanaian singer Eli A Free, and German percussionist Ma.ttic. The combination and the music thereof ignites soulful and powerful music which feels very nostalgic and futuristic at the same time ringing deep into your consciousness and memory unlocking something only you can find. Melancholy? Maybe that’s a feeling worth probing. Check it out.

Young Jonn – Xtra Cool (NG)

After making his mark on the Nigerian music industry as a sought-after producer, Young Jonn is back this time to lay his claim as an artist himself. This year has seen him release back-to-back bangers that keep ringing in your ears days after you’ve heard them. This song is another significant example, as I just couldn’t help singing the words back to myself as I went about my day. Catchy as it may sound, it tells a painful story of how matters of the heart can be, that honeymoon phase where things are still fresh, talking on the phone for hours, and the rush of excitement it comes with. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to preserve those parts of the relationship in a bubble? Oh well!

Konke & Musa Keys – kancane ft Chley, Nkulee501 & Skroef28 (SA)

A collaboration between South African singer Konke, talented producer/pianist Musakeys, and skilled Amapiano singers, Kankane is one for the books. With a smooth melody that makes you feel and want to move your body at the same time. A perfect combination for a good time, best enjoyed with an open mind.

Odunsi (the Engine) – N2P (NG)

Odunsi the ever-changing star boy is committed to redefining himself and his sound to suit how he feels in the moment. This song is one jam off a surprise EP he released to give his fans a glimpse of the workings of his mind once again and I certainly approve. Complemented by a sick beat, rad vocals, and crisp delivery, this tune is very in touch with the times we are in—talking about the good and the bad in very relatable ways. This man is here to stay, and this tune is a bop on any day it comes on. Quote me!

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