Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs To Listen To

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It’s crazy times we’re living in, no doubt. However, if you’ve come to that conclusion, do not despair. Many African musicians have relayed this exact message by teaching us ways to cope and soothing our souls with their sound. This edition of Cool Stuff has something for you. A breath of fresh air amid all the chaos.

Black Sheriff – 45 (GH)

Burdened with a story to tell and armed with the charisma of a preacher, Black Sherif is building an army of supporters and fans in Ghana and across the globe. He truly believes and shows with his music that there is a lot of unpacking for the people who struggle to survive in harsh circumstances.

45 is a track off his debut Album titled “The Villian I never was” which he put his all into creating amidst all the noise and buzz surrounding him since the release of Second sermon and Kwaku the traveler which set him apart as a rising global star. This song also features crisp, clear-cut visuals that tells a story that can be interpreted on so many levels.

Sha Sha – Intando Yakhe ft Visca, Mdoovar & Just Bheki (ZIM)

Sha Sha began her music path as a vocalist and this experience must have set her apart in her approach to music. Her voice is undeniably smooth with a texture that washes over you like a fountain. The song is one gem off her recent album featuring Amapiano giants such as DJ Maphorisa, Focalistic, and Ami Faku. In this song, she creates a beautiful partnership between her powerful sonorous voice and Amapiano instrumentals to create a blend of melody which is just right.

Femi Kuti – Na so we see am (NG)

Femi Kuti comes from a stock of freedom fighters and outspoken individuals who historically refused to fold or quietly endure in the face of oppression. The skillful saxophonist and singer is a name to reckon with in the Nigerian jazz and highlife scenes known for holding his audience spell during performances at the Fela Afrikan Shrine where an enabling atmosphere has been created for the performance and enjoyment of music, nightlife, and all-round enjoyment.

This song feels like an expression of pent-up anger and emotions we encounter daily as people trying to survive in most societies in Africa. In this song, he sings about poverty and the role the government has played in the current situation of things while still letting you groove along. If you can’t fight, at least you can dance.

Turunesh – Space Spirit ft Tim Lyre (TZ)

Popularly referred to as “The Conjurer of Worlds” coaxing you with Silky sounds and magical appeal; Turunesh pours from her god-like reserve to produce sounds that feel like potions in her Album titled Satin Cassette. Setting herself apart as a vibrant Pan – African voice she combines poetry and singing in an experimental approach featuring elements of R&b and Neo soul. This song feels peaceful. Let it take you places where it’s safe.

Rema – Peace of Mind (NG)

An accurate definition of what you can achieve when you are stubborn and set your mind on your dreams. Shortly after being signed by Mavin records all the young star’s songs were wiped giving him a fresh plate to be born new. 

Even if you don’t love Rema you have to admire the energy he brings to the fore. His truth. On this song he laments about the troubles plaguing his home Nigeria acknowledging the reality of modern times, crazy times. Crazy life or not, peace is one thing we truly need.

Maya Amolo – Foundry ft Kalibwani (KE)

The Kenyan songwriter and singer makes alternative and R&B tunes telling tales of the highs and lows of love. The complexities of desire and matters of the heart.

With silky smooth vocals and soft melodies, she wins the heart of her listeners lulling you so gently into a world of her own design. 

Camidoh ft Magixx- Slow (GH)

Camidoh is one talent leading the wave of Ghana’s Afropop movement, complimenting smoothly delivered RnB/ Afrobeat fusion with lyrics that flow between his native language and English. On this tune, the Ghanaian singer bears a tale centering on rushing the natural progression of a new connection, how it often contributes to the spark that keeps things fresh and dying faster. Camidoh and Magixx think taking it slowly preserves this essence and I think that’s something to consider. Love is certainly not to be rushed.

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