Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs To Listen To

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Love is in the air and if you’re not going to hold your breath and shut your doors, then this one is for you. This edition of cool stuff shines a light on matters of the heart and all such difficult emotions that come with it. Love, lust, pain, and how to be new again. With the right playlist, difficult emotions can feel simple again yet still powerful. We’ve searched long and hard to find some of our favorite songs that capture what it means to live a full life and how to navigate the emotions that come with living and loving.

Tomi Agape – Better (NG)

Tomi Agape is a Nigerian Afro-soul/fusion musician notable for putting out tunes that fuse neo-soul, Afrobeat, hip-hop, and R&B. Her seductive accent and dazzling appearance have won her fans from all over the world. In this song, she explores lust and the extra pleasure that comes with being candid about such things. 

Honestly, that’s very useful advice especially when you know without a doubt that the chemistry is just. Being honest and open about what you want to do could just be the game-changer 

Super Jazz Club – Mad (GH)

Superjazzclub is a diverse group of creatives, and producers that seek to express themselves creatively through music. Coming together, they share ideas and collaborate simultaneously to build a unit that is cohesive in thinking yet diverse in style which brings about music that is experimental with a complete DIY approach. 

Fueled by a desire to create without boundaries, Mad explores the beauty of giving into a rage and pushing against allowing yourself to be taken for a ride. Sometimes it’s okay to call bullshit by its real name.

Digital Sangoma – Yemka Pain (SA)

Digital Sangoma creatively explores electro-afro music, combining this with traditional and contemporary music forms such as chants and soulful melodies. No doubt this song feels like a plea for help because sometimes there’s only so much you can handle on your own. 

A shoulder to cry on, somebody to lean on, a safe space for vulnerability. That’s how you really know you’re living 

BOJ – Unconiously ft Victony (NG)

BOJ is one-third of a musical group known as DRB Lasgidi. Amidst a lot of expectations and excitement BOJ released his second solo project titled Gbagaba express where he explored a new side of himself and experiences that come from living and grinding in Lagos. In this song, the subject is lust and yearning with a vulnerable confession rendered soulfully by Victony.

Ricky Tyler – Video Games ft Karun (KE)

Ricky Tyler is on the road to stardom having recently been established as def jam’s newest kid on the block ready to make a clean sweep in the industry, stealing the show. A singer, rapper, and songwriter Ricky is all about channeling every part of himself into the music he puts out, and on this song, he collaborates with the soulful and spellbinding Karun rendering a plea to a lover simply to know if it’s all real or just part of a simulation, lucid dreaming.

Sha Sha – Themba Lami ft Ami Faku (ZIM)

Sha Sha has proven time and again, especially with the release of her recent album featuring top gunners in the industry such as Focalistic, Dj Maphorisa, and other sterling musicians that she is not one to be labeled as an Amapiano artist. Sha Sha has established herself as a skilled vocalist, allowing her sonorous voice carry you to places where the beat alone can’t take you. From her recently released album titled ‘I’m Alive’, this song is undeniably a gem worth adding to your playlist.

Yinka Bernie – Smile before you sleep (NG)

Yinka Bernie makes feel-good music that sometimes drifts into melancholy and demanding introspection. This song feels short but you’ll be tempted to have this one on repeat even if just for the healing ingredients the singer and producer seem to have cooked into this tune. Well, he certainly has a valid point, even if it’s been a rough day or even a rough life you definitely deserve to smile before you sleep.

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