Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs To Listen To

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If you’re a pioneer or just simply doing things differently here’s your sign to keep going. Stop worrying about being accepted and focus all that energy on living as your truest self. Like they say what’s a life without Colour? This edition of Cool stuff brings you not just colors but shades, shapes, and forms of living and expression from gifted Africans. We hope you enjoy!

Una Rams – Btb  ft Blxckie  (SA)

A first glance at Una gives you a feel of fluidity. The personification of Cool and smooth. Interstellar sounds which blend a variety of genres creating unique hybrid sounds filled with stories of people like us.

In this song, Una sings about how it’s cold outside unironically on an 8-track project titled “hold me when it’s cold”. Btb, short for Break the bed, captures a sensual affair, probably a search for warmth in contrast with the cold situation Una describes.

Whether or not you believe it, passion has always proved to be a good outlet for pain so Una might definitely be on to something here.

Dounia  – Love me or I’ll improvise (MA)

Two words to describe Dounia’s Whispered Melodies are sensual and sultry. The Alt – R&B Moroccan singer and songwriter is a testament to the dynamic vision of womanhood. Dounia takes an outside-the-box approach to her music with raunchy song titles that leave you curious. The singer also amplifies her voice using her platform to defend marginalized groups in society playing an active role in advocating for equality. In this song, Dounia Candidly tells the men in her life to Love her right or she’ll love herself. There’s definitely power in that because self-love hurts no one. 

Blaqbonez – I’d be Waiting (NG)

BlaqBonez has mastered the art of promoting himself and going through his social media is proof of that. His approach certainly seems to work as he has gathered many fans and followers through his sense of humor and satirical portrayal of the music industry. His comical personality aside, Blaq is undeniably a skilled rapper who can go toe to toe with everyone’s current faves and still stand his ground. Bold and brazen he doesn’t shrink himself from any narratives. This song is one of the tracks off his recent album titled young preacher which is a solid project if I may say so myself. Blaq also stood out once again by showing creativity and dexterity in self-directing his own music video. 

Roc Worthy – Fashionably Late (DRC)

The Word Fashionably late is proof of the fact you should never allow your insecurities have the last laugh. Never say die , there’s always room for you, a place for you no matter what.

The Congolese rapper roc Worthy is truly interesting, belting out catchy trap tunes back to back even in a time of great unrest in the country. Certainly, a clear sign that he is hell-bent on telling his own story in his own way.

Xenia Manasseh & Ukweli – Maybe (KE)

Xenia brings with her a refreshing, new sound to the music scene that captivates much-deserved undivided attention with the clarity and pureness of her lyrics and voice. Xenia’s music is heavily Neo-Soul influenced as well as having garnered influence from R&B, Jazz and other genres of music. ‘Maybe’ is a collaborative effort with the talented and dynamic Kenyan producer Ukweli.

In this song, she sings about being Unsteady asserting that this won’t stop her from taking a chance. An inspiration to take action, I hope.

Wizkid – Frames (Who’s gonna know) (NG)

Honestly, if you’ve never had an Undercover lover then have you really lived? I mean I certainly haven’t but listening to this song makes me want to sneak around and rendezvous with a mystery lover who I occasionally let in through the window just like those movies. Lol.

Wizkid has a knack for singing captivating love songs aimed at no one in particular. As many that Catch a feel there’s definitely room. On Frames he said he wants less stress and more of his lover. A line that resonates for me is “I am yours for the night only” and honestly if that keeps things going smoothly then sure. This song is the mood till further notice.

Ruger – WeWe (NG)

Ruger is a Nigerian Afrobeats singer and songwriter who came into limelight in 2021 after he signed a record deal with D’Prince “Jonzing world record” 

He is dashing, and smooth and was quick to hit it off with the ladies right from the start leading his Australian tour to be a success as the ladies milled in to catch a vibe. This song is pure sensual vibes and Ruger knew exactly what he was doing with this tune. A fusion of reggae dancehall and a large dose of attitude that makes him the bad boy that he is. 

On this jam Ruger seems to have met his match, and he sings “kuku kill me now”. No doubt a solid hit from the promising young stud

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