Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs You Should Listen To

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Psssst! Yes, you! Hi Wesoko family! Isn’t it crazy how the first half of 2022 is almost over, where’s this year even speeding to? It’s hard not to get overwhelmed by the noise. In times like this, if there’s one thing to be grateful for, it’s the music, really. 

With a quick trip around the continent, not only have we selected some of the coolest songs to listen to, but enjoyable bops to hold you through the craziness. Shall we begin?

Nonso Amadi & Majid Jordan – Different (NG)

Two years after breaking his radio silence, Nonso Amadi has started a new trajectory in his career with 2 singles he’s released this year. 

‘Different’ isn’t deviating from his old RnB style, it’s a more refined sound. Nonso describes the songs as “the feeling you get when you meet a girl and she stands out from the rest.”

Syncing seamlessly with the award-winning Canadian RnB duo, Majid Jordan; this short and sweet tune is one for all the hopeless romantics out there. 

Bongeziwe Mabandla – zange (never before) (SA)

‘Zange’ translates to ‘never’, and truly it’s impossible to stay the same after encountering this modern Afro Folk artist from Xhosa, South Africa. His honeyed somber voice texture, alongside the delicate guitar toting, makes you feel as deeply as possible. 

In this love song, he vocalizes his account of the life-changing power of true love. Not only does Mabandla sing, he’s also an actor and painter; making him an artist that’s brilliant and multifaceted. His love for film can really be seen in the song’s video. The black and white visuals are crafted perfectly, so viewers focus entirely on the lyrics, contributing to the overall experience of the song. Someone hurry up and put this song in a movie already. 

GATA – Living Legend (KE)

This burgeoning female rapper spits some real barz with an inspiring twist. Through the visuals, we peek into the young single mother’s corner of life. She talks about the hard reality of taking care of her young one with a no fucks given attitude. Even with a seemingly small budget, the visuals are simple but effective. This Kenyan rapper is definitely a bubbling talent to look out for. 

Mayorkun – Certified Loner (NG)

Early in June, the Mayor of Lagos dropped a sizzling snippet of this banger on his social media, which amassed over 100k likes. After feverish reactions from the public, he released this as his first single of the year. 

On social media, the phrase “More Love, Less Ego” has been popular among artists. Mayorkun infuses that energy into this track. As the name implies, Mayorkun talks about focusing on your lane without comparing yourself to others. This brazy Amapiano hit has certainly won its plaque in the summer days of Lagos. E Choke!

Joey B & Yaw Tog – Gorilla (GH)

Ghana has been churning out the sickest hip-hop artists over the years. Joey B and teen superstar Yaw Tog merge forces on this drill cut, birthing an effortless hit. The flagrant synergy between the two rappers isn’t even the best part of this song.

Joey B swerved on the bounce of the violin laden beats, spritzing sharp punchlines. The eye candy visuals are equally electric. 

Gilian Baci – Feel At Home (NG)

Gilian is a Nigerian songwriter, artist and filmmaker that prides himself in making music for the mind. This moving pop song is off his recently released album, ‘Sweet Serenity’, created out of his journey of overcoming depression through music. 

Gilian Baci is the epitome of brilliance and versatility. The single was produced by an Argentinian producer and mastered by a sound engineer from Chile. Gilian aims to be one of the biggest international pop stars in Nigeria, and this song will surprise you in the best way. 

Tabbie f0r Life – LIQUOR ft Katapilla (TZ)

Tabbie is a 19-year-old rapper, singer, and songwriter from Nairobi, Kenya. In this soft swing record, she features Katapilla, an upcoming rapper from Nairobi. With catchy lyrics like “Give me wine, give me booze”, she speaks on how sometimes you really just need some of that hard stuff to destress on certain days. The catty, fun video is easy on the eyes; the perfect song to kick back with friends.

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