Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs You Should Listen To

illustrator for Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs You Should Listen To


Hola! It’s that time of the week to feed you with some of the coolest music on the continent. In this edition, we pick African songs simmering with finesse. What’s not to love being a young Pan African?

SuperJazzClub – Cameras (GH)

Seeing young black Africans create intentional art is a heartwarming experience. Ghanaian indie collective, SuperJazzClub is a group of nine talented and experimental creatives– songwriters, singers, DJs, producers, filmmakers and  fashion lovers creating things they love. 

In this quirky fashion video, the group creates a captivating intersection between music, fashion and friendship. It’s a perfect fit for this quick tempo Afrofunk record.

Lady Donli x COLORS – Thunderstorm in Surulere (NG)

The one and only Cash Mummy brings immaculate rockstar vibes to her performance on COLORS.You know when it rains in Lagos, it rains heavy– in Donli’s words, “this song captures the urgency of racing to meet up with a lover during a thunderstorm.” (that’s if the traffic doesn’t kill you first)

Miči & Sun-El Musician – Respond (ZIM)

‘Respond’ will instantly  transport you to a place of calm and tranquility. Today’s the perfect day to binge Sun-El Musician, the South African DJ that understands how to invoke deep feelings in listeners through house music. Miči’s spirited vocals are tailored perfectly for this simple but soothing tune.

Burna Boy – Cloak and Dagger ft J Hus (NG)

Burna is the gift that keeps on giving. On this chill bop off his latest album, Burna Boy brings back UK’s one and only J Hus back from his hiatus. With Burna’s melodic rhymes to Bouff Daddy’s inimitable charisma over the suave beats produced by Telz; it’s no surprise why this song is quickly topping charts.

LOUI – Hennessy (Remix) ft KiDi, Maud Elka (TZ)

Blending East African, West African and Afro-French flavors, this smooth collaboration is a dancehall record speaking on the beauty and love of an African woman. Produced by S2Kizzy, this is what the end result of seamless teamwork looks like. The opulent video is a sight for sore eyes.

Smallgod – GIDI GIDI ft Black Sherif, Torylanez (GH)

Hear me out—Smallgod is fast becoming one of the hardest A&Rs on the continent, because what is this joint? A blend of modern-day Hip-hop with African & Caribbean influences. The collab we didn’t know we needed to hear until we heard it. Black Sherif glides through in his usual energetic, self-assured delivery and Tory Lanez follows it up with the smoothes Jamaican Patois flow as they touch on being on the come-up, staying focused, and growing. 

Nasty C – Can’t Imagine (SA)

I should bury a nigga, then tweet “we missing you dawg.”

As good as Nasty C is, the South African rapper has received some backlash for sounding “too American.” On this track, he puts his critics in their place (disrespectfully if I might add) with excellent wordplay and witty jabs. Nasty C is letting all the haters know there’s no comparison when you’re in a league of your own. 

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