Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 Female Artists You Should Listen To. [The Lioness Take Over]

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To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, we launched a special edition of our playlist ‘Psst! Cool Stuff’. This time, curated by multi-faceted Namibian musician Lioness, to highlight some of the best female musicians to ever do it! On this episode of Psst! Cool Stuff, we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite African superstars on this playlist. Listen to sounds from the ones who actually run the world—Women.

Gina Jeanz – Sun Spot ft Sio (NM)

On Namibian born DJ and producer Gina Jeanz’ debut album, ‘Lucid Theory’ is this electronic R&B ballad about being stuck on misunderstandings and disagreements in relationships. Built on crumbling waves of synth, Sio unpacks her emotions on ‘Sun Spot’, and frustratingly hopes for resolution in her relationship. 

Ayra Starr – Fashion Killer (NG)

2021 Nigerian breakout star Ayra Starr shared her heavily defiant debut album ‘19 & Dangerous’ only a few months after she was introduced to the world and blessed us with this beautiful earworm. Inspired by A$AP Rocky’s ‘Fashion Killa’ and her undying love for Rihanna, Ayra’s ‘Fashion Killer’ is a vibrant reiteration of her star power and entire persona. Self-confidence on steroids!  

Bey T – Wololo (KE)

An absolute favorite! Built on a bouncy beat with an infectious hook “Wey I do like this Is a wololo, Wey I swing my hips Is a wololo..”, you can just tell that Bey T’s ‘Wololo’ is a party starter and waist-whining stimulator. 

Kikky Badass – Iripo Here ft Lioness (ZIM)

This Hip-hop tune is infectious and viby! Lioness and Kiky Badass went bar for bar, walking the walk and talking the talk! With a catchy sing-song hook, ‘Coming for everything they said I wouldn’t be,’ they touch on winning against all odds. Totally badass.

Tamy Moyo – Kwandinobva (ZIM)

Tamy Moyo is one of the leading female musicians in Zimbabwe, and her 2019 hit single ‘Kwandinobva’ is a melodious acknowledgement of the beautiful African culture that shaped her as she recounts her journey from playing in the dust to becoming a superstar in her home country. 

Gemma Griffiths – Tipo Tinto ft Lioness (ZIM)

Another favorite on this playlist is Gemma Griffiths’ ‘Tipo Tinto’, off her recently released EP, ‘A Girl From Harare’. Featuring rapper Lioness, they both tell a story about a girl who, against her parents’ wishes, leaves her stable life and sojourns into the unknown, to experience some of life’s tumultuous moments.

SPECIAL MENTION: Lioness – Linyenga ft Falz (NM)

You already know we looooove Lioness in this house! Teaming up with one of Nigeria’s finest rappers Falz on her latest single ‘Linyenga’, Lioness delivers romantic lyrics laid on vibrant Afro-esque instruments and heavy log drums. An instant banger for sure!

Listen to the full playlist HERE

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