Psst! New Stuff #27 ft Cheque, T’neeya, Obongjayar and more…

illustrator for Psst! New Stuff #27 ft Cheque, T’neeya, Obongjayar and more…


Psst! Let’s dance!

Cheque – Call Me Baby (NG)

Cheque wants to make it rainnnn! He’s so in love, that he would go to any lengths to please his muse. Talk about some gangsta love energy!

T’neeya – La La (CR)

T’neeya is in her feelings on La La, a beautiful R&B song on which she bares her heart and vulnerably expresses her thoughts. She infused French and some pidgin in her lyrics and I find that really enjoyable.

Kamo Mphela – Thula Thula (SA)

South African music powerhouse Kamo Mphela is back with that nunu sound and as usual, this one is sure to get you on your feet in no time. She really doesn’t disappoint!

Fireboy DML – Peru (NG)

Fireboy caught us by surprise with this one, in anticipation of his third studio album, he cooked up something really groovy with Shizzi and they called it ‘Peru’. You can tell by the way he breezes through that he’s having a lot of fun on the song and that’s what he wants us to do with it.

Benzema – Freshy ft H_art The Band (KE)

I’m drawn to Gengetone music now more than ever. With each new release, Kenyan artistes seem to pull me in deeper into this newly found love for their groovy and mellow dub step inspired genre of music. You would love this one too, trust me.

Kwaku DMC – Barima (GH)

Barima came in hard with a catchy hook and I was glued till the end! Get this, I don’t even understand the language (lol!)

Dave – Lazarus ft BOJ (NG)

On Dave’s new album ‘We are All Alone In This Together’, this Jae5 produced track backed by guitar strings featuring BOJ is my fighter track. A jiggy bop, no doubt! BOJ’s smooth delivery of the hook matches Dave’s braggadocio and I’m totally digging it.

Mr Drew – Pains (GH)

Mr Drew talks about the pains of being in a relationship with a lady who treats his heart and feelings like some ball game and plays it terribly.

Lungi Naidoo – Feel Good (SA)

Some positive vibes and more feel-good music for you. Lungi Naidoo recounts all the blessings she has been receiving and thanks God for it. Who wouldn’t feel good about having a lot of money in the bank?

Obongjayar x Sarz – Gone Girl (NG)

Sarz is on a roll and this time, he’s made some timelesss music with Obongjayar. On Gone Girl, Obonjayar melodiously expresses confusion as he asks a lot of questions about his enstranged lover. The drums and Afrocentric sounds in the background make this song an absolute earworm.

Baraka – Picture Perfect ft Supersun, Joseph Kiwango (KE)

A sensual hip-hop song that tells a story about the come up from nothing and the sexual needs of a gangsta. …even gangstas need good lovin’…

Wani – Times Two ft Buju (NG)

The Wani and Buju combination is certainly a hit, and they’ve proven that yet again with Times Two (X2). They talk about not having hoes as they just want to ‘gum body times one or times two’ with their muses.

Malcom Nuna – Money Man Remix ft Kuami Eugene (GH)

Make sure someone is making the bills rain as you dance to this. Malcom Nuna and Kuami Eugene are all for the respect that comes with having money in abundance and I couldn’t agree more. You better get your money up, you!

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Psst! New Stuff

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