Psst! New Stuff #30 ft $pacely, Oxlade, Muzi, Zahara and more…

illustrator for Psst! New Stuff #30 ft $pacely, Oxlade, Muzi, Zahara and more…


We have carefully handpicked some of the new beautiful sounds from across the continent for this week’s update. Listen to the sounds from the motherland….

$pacely – 1217 ft sabes (GH)

Off $pacely’s freshly released album ‘Keanu’ is this trippy hip-hop song on which he features sabes, reminding us that they run the streets.

Oxlade – Ojuju (NG)

The unrepentant lover boy has finally learnt his lesson and is now scared of falling in love. This is what constant heartbreaks do to you. Stay away from love, guys.

Zahara – Izolo (SA)

The xyclophone sound in the background is what drew me to this song, and on hearing the catchy hook, I was stuck till the end of the song. It has a soft bounce to it that will have you swirling as the lyrics roll off her tongue. A beautiful song!

Muzi – Come Duze ft Sho Madjozi (SA)

Ahead of his forthcoming album ‘Interblaktic’, Muzi releases ‘Come Duze’ with Sho Madjozi and they weave a story of love over an upbeat electronic beat that you would find intriguing to say the least.

WurlD – Stamina ft Major League Djz, LuuDadeejay (NG)

WurlD on an amapiano song is something I wasn’t prepared for but I’m loving it! He appreciates his muse’s body on ‘Stamina’, infusing some Zulu in his lyrics as he expresses his love for her.

Wizkid – Essence Remix ft Justin Bieber, Tems (NG)

This remix is everything you thought it would be and then some! Song of the summer indeed! JB on his verse serenades his lover as he reminisces on the lonely nights without her.

mbogi genje – Giz Giz Remix ft Chemutai Sage (KE)

mbogi genje release a remix to their hit song ‘Giz Giz’ and as always, I’m here for the bounce and the way their songs make you whine your waist subconsciously. I’m a big fan of Gengetone music now, even though I don’t understand a word (lol).

Laime – Purple Rain ft Psycho Yp (NG)

The big boys from the Buj are back with their ever-present braggadocio! Laime wants you to know that he’s not playing and he sounds like it.

Aymos – Ababuyanga ft Major League Djz, Josiah De Disciple (SA)

Another amapiano song I’m really digging this week. This makes you want to dance away through the night and forget your problems.

Joeboy x DJ Voyst – Felicitation (NG)

Dj Voyst and Joeboy are in the mood to felicitate and they want you to feel the music and shake your body. You have to do what the song says.

NSG – Petite (GH)

On the Jae5 produced track, the music group touch on the kind of woman they love, how blessed they are and how far they’ve come as hustlers.

Vanjess – Slow Down ft Lucky Daye (NG)

A sultry R&B song with a seductive twist to it. Perfect for a sex playlist. You’re welcome.

Listen here:

Psst! New Stuff

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