Psst! New Stuff: Artistes You Should Listen To Vol. 2

illustrator for Psst! New Stuff: Artistes You Should Listen To Vol. 2


There’s so much music out now that it’s easy to lose track of it all. Hence, this list of African artistes with new vibes & sounds we think you shouldn’t miss out on. Psst! Come with us….

  • Pa Salieu – Afrikan Rebel EP (GMB)

Pa Salieu connects with his African roots on the 3-track EP, leaning more towards Afrobeats than his usual music style. Themed on being proud of his African heritage, Pa Salieu’s EP explores some of the sounds emerging from Africa lately. He delves into Nigeria’s alte music scene with Tay Iwar and Zlatan on the groovy Afropop tune ‘Shining’, citing his anger at the system in his lyrics.

While ‘Lit’ is a militant, mosh-type bop inspired by the Ghanaian drill, ‘Style & Fashion’ is a bouncy track inspired by South Africa’s Amapiano with a dubstep feel.

  • Tems – If Orange Was A Place EP (NG)

If Orange Was A Place is Tems’ latest attempt at experimenting with R&B and Afroesque elements, and it sounds good! Her trajectory into the foreign scene has taken a drastic turn in recent times and she manages to feed her new listeners with a familiar sound like on the Brent Faiyaz-assisted ‘Found’, while also taking care of her home listeners with singles that have an Afro pop essence like the lead single Crazy Tings. On most of the songs, she is in touch with her vulnerability, touching on her experiences with pain and backhanded love. And on songs like ‘Replay’ and ‘Vibe Out’, she reflects on finding peace and freedom.

  • Amaarae – Sad Girlz Luv Money Remix ft Moliy, Kali Uchis (GH)

Amaarae enlists the help of Kali Uchis on the remix of the sexy, slinky record about money and pleasure off her debut album ‘The Angel You Don’t Know’. Originally featuring Moliy, the remix sees all three artists syncing at the beginning, before rolling into quick verses from Amaarae and Kali Uchis while Moliy reels in the essence of the song—dollars and softness. 

  • Kid Fonque & Johnny Miller – Inertia Remixes ft China Charmeleon (SA)

A deviation from the norm. China Charmeleon’s remixes of Kid Fonque and Johnny Miller’s Inertia is a 4-track electronic house project filled with heavy basslines and jazzy chords. Needless to say, Kid Fonque’s music is non-conformist, eclectic and organic—an intentional selection of skittery electronic/dance elements that put the listener in the mood to boogey down on the dancefloor. 

  • Turunesh – Rum and Butter (KE)

A standout track on the genre-bending alternative artiste’s sophomore album Satin Cassette, “Rum and Butter” is an off kilter record on which Turunesh expresses her desires for her lover. Speaking about the single, Turunesh says “This song is about the transformation from corporeal bodies to spiritual spectrums of color and flavour. I would call this track a portrait that depicts sensuality as sustenance. Coco, brown, butter and rum are the colors and textures I use to describe the look and feel of sex between two black entities at the eternal hour of midnight, in the heat of the summer season.”

Listen to Rum and Butter on our Psst! New Stuff playlist. 

  • Costa Titch & AKA – Super Soft (SA)

As the title implies, Super Soft is a record about the rappers’ lavish lifestyle. The super catchy hook goes ‘So Soft, Super Soft, Twinkle twinkle I be feeling like a star, Starring 007 James Bond’….and both rappers weave short verses in celebration of the soft life that they live and that’s the energy you need for this week. Enjoy!

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