PSST! NEW STUFF: Artistes You Should Listen To Vol. 3

illustrator for PSST! NEW STUFF: Artistes You Should Listen To Vol. 3


A carefully curated list of emerging artists from Africa who are claiming their spots in the music scene and guarding it dexterously. Pay attention to the music. It’s worth it. 

  • Pongo – Começa (ANG)

Energetic Angolan-Portuguese MC, Pongo has a message for her haters as she hails herself as the best performer on the groovy percussive track Começa. Inspired by a long night in a creative space, Pongo’s new single touches on her obsession with Kuduro and her burning desire to dance. 

In the video, we see her on her European tour, electrifying crowds with her energetic dance moves and fiery verses, asserting her stance as the Kuduro queen.

  • Ejoya Class of ‘21 (NG)

Ejoya’s new installment of its next-gen Afrobeats curation and collaborations is a rich body of work that encapsulates sounds from Nigeria’s emerging artists like Tsuni, Liya, Fxrtune, Loti, SGawD, Laime, Psycho YP and more. The album which owes production credits to WalahiSteph, Semzi, Saszy Afroshii and others, is themed on love, getting the bag and youthful jazziness over otherworldly sonic palettes and beats riddled with melodic chants, guitar riffs, African drums and heavy percussions. 

  • Natasha Chansa – The Genesis EP (ZA)

Zambian rapper Natasha Chansa finally releases her long awaited 10-track EP, opening up with a victorious track connected to her African roots and setting the tone for the project’s themes. She touches on being non-conformist, love, heartbreaks,and triumphing over challenges in her career with fire lyrics, hard bars and intricate flows. She shows us her versatility on the EP, exploring trap, Afro fusion and Afro-dancehall, providing a smooth arrangement of songs that will keep you listening to the end.

  • Magixx – Pati (NG)

In one listen, you can tell a fusion of unlikely genres—Fuji, R&B and some Apala with Trap and Afro-pop influences Records new signee’s vocalsap and Afro-pop. On Pati, an upbeat grimy track off his eponymous debut EP, these influences shine through in his vocals and alluring delivery as he positions himself as a bad boy with a penchant for turning up and having wild fun.

  • Lucasraps – (SA)

Lucasraps’ debut album 031 To The World captures moments of setbacks and breakthroughs in his career. A fusion of hardcore rap, laid-back vibes and raw emotions on which he touches on loyalty in friendships, jealousy and the joys of winning at life. A solid hip-hop album that everyone needs to pay attention to. All plays, no skips.  

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