PSST! NEW STUFF: Artistes You Should Listen To Vol. 4

illustrator for PSST! NEW STUFF: Artistes You Should Listen To Vol. 4


On this list, you would find music characterized by raw energy on pounding beats, beautiful synergies on folk-inspired serenades and melodious otherworldly sound pockets carefully picked for you. Pay attention to these artists.

  • Obongjayar – Message In A Hammer (NG)

Ahead of his debut album, Obongjayar shares the upbeat ‘Message in a Hammer’. His metallic voice texture and raw, intense energy pulsates through the pounding beat as he talks about fighting against the powers that be for stealing, robbing and cheating the people.

The release is accompanied by a highly cinematic video that shows Obongjayar as a vengeful driver fighting against a nasty London gangster character. The video turns into an actual crime scene and ends with a violent scene.

  • Bryan The Mensah – Be Like Me (GH)

The burgeoning Ghanaian rapper has grown to become one of the biggest influences on Ghana’s pop culture. His new single ‘Be Like Me’ is a diaristic narration of his career and personal trajectory, and how he is now a blueprint for everyone else’s goals.

 He touches on his journey from poverty and how he made moves without getting help from anyone, reminding people to focus on working things out for themselves without basing their plans on another man’s life.

  • Prettyboy D-O – Love Is War (NG)

“For your information, you people… you have lost your biggest customer, Wonderboy!” is an unlikely song opener that you should get accustomed to when you listen to Prettyboy D-O. His new album ‘Love Is War’ takes us on a 42-minute ride through an authentic expression of his personal experiences, collective pain and suffering of the Nigerian youth and honest takes on political issues. 

Whether consumed in parts or at a stretch, you will find a track that speaks to your reality as an African youth on this album. 

  • TRESOR – Smoke & Mirrors ft Ami Faku (SA)

This folk inspired track sees both artists try to get a grip on the concept of falling in love and the sweetness and bitterness of love. Perfected by resounding lyrics and a melodious harmony, the synergy between TRESOR and Ami Faku creates a beautiful serenade, standing out as a deviation from the Amapiano & Afropop theme of TRESOR’s new album ‘Motion’.

  • Alikiba – Let Me ft Sauti Sol (TZ)

You might not understand the language, but I assure you that this record triggers that feeling of having butterflies in your tummy. The guitar strings and sonorous melody will have you on your feet in no time. Oh… and it’s a love song! It’s okay if you have no one to sing this song to, dear single reader, just pay attention to the tune dance! You’ll find someone eventually, or not. You’re welcome!

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