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For a special ‘month-of-love’ edition, we’re joined by the talented singer-songwriter; Dami Oniru.  Her music is a captivating fusion of R&B, soul and a little bit of spice, creating a unique and engaging sound that resonates with her listeners and audience across the world.

If the choice were entirely yours, where would you spend “lovers day”?

Oh man, probably with my mom and sister so we can have a very cute & wholesome girls day out. 

In your opinion, to what extent do money and financial status influence romantic relationships and dynamics?

In this economy (lol), I think it’s important that financially we’re both bringing something significant to the table, but that doesn’t erase the fact that shit is hard out there. So it needs to be enough to hold it down when your partner can’t and vice versa.

What is your reaction to people on Valentine’s Day?

Yuck, Ew ! That’s pretty much it 😅 I think people are cute with their acts of love on the day but it shouldn’t just be celebrated on that one day. Every day should be Valentine’s Day, and not necessarily the big or grand gestures. It’s the little things for me. 

What element do you believe is absent in contemporary romantic dynamics that you wish could come back?

Dami Oniru WesokoAfrika

I think Chilvary may be dying. But then again, maybe I’m just in the wrong dating pool.

What are your thoughts on R&B serving as the litmus voice of romance?

I can’t imagine it being anything else. It feels right and sounds even better. The vocals, the bridges, the catchy hooks

Can you imagine a love song, but like heavy metal? Exactly, I don’t know that I’d wanna listen to that in particular.

What significance does love hold for you?

Love is the core of my existence. I was brought up in it and constantly showered with it. Experienced my family extend Love & Grace to strangers. It’s such a beautiful thing and feeling to experience. It’s the reason why I just love people so much.

What is the Best and worst thing you have done in the name of  love?

Hmmmm… best thing, I don’t know you know. The worst thing, I think unintentionally hurting people I care about because I thought I was l protecting them. 

Dami Oniru Quick Questions

Could you share your favorite memory of something sweet someone did for you out of love?

Gifting me with something sentimental (I won’t say though) but it lets me know you’re thoughtful and paying attention.

Do you have a favorite love language? Or two?

Hmmm! I’d say my favorite is quality time. Imagine just sitting in a room with your person or people, in complete silence. Knowing they’re there just warms my heart, we don’t even need to interact much. Maybe every hour or so lol. 

If you had to curate a playlist dedicated to lovers which 10 songs would you put in that playlist? 

Dangerously in love – Beyoncé 

Nice & Slow – Usher 

Friday – Dami Oniru

Secretz – Remy Baggins ft Dami Oniru & Ladipoe 

Cater 2 u – Destiny’s Child 

When I see u – Fantasia

Fall – Brandy 

Long Distance – Brandy

It won’t stop – Sevyn Streeter ft Chris Brown 

One Wish – Ray J

What should we anticipate from your upcoming single “Call it what you want”?

Ahaha! You guys think you’re slick. That’s not the title of my next single. I’ll let your imagination run wild and let you guess. stay tuned though!

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