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-Aanu Idowu

Sometime in this glorious “women’s history month”, I sat down to an insightful conversation with Feyisola Ogunbanjo.

Known to most as Kulupsy, she has been pivotal to the growth and success of many spotlight acts. From organizing events at school to her business analyst days at Etisalat, beginning her journey at the Native Networks with project managing the NATIVEWORLD album and now a project manager at Native Records while running her media outfit KMC. Kulupsy is definitely your favourite architect and mastermind of success and brilliance within the music industry and beyond.

Our discussion centered around the impact of women within the music industry and the inequalities faced while addressing patriarchy and appraisal of female managers while expressing the prevalent fear of being tools for social engineering and being reduced to mere tokens of diversity rather than recognized for their talents, expertise, and invaluable contributions to the music industry.

Sneakers or Heels?


What podcast would you wish to co-anchor?

Hmmm, It would probably be Submarine and Roach.

Who would you say is your best female movie character?

It would be  Emma Stone’s character in “Poor Things” BELLA BAXTER.

If you were to rewrite the national anthem, who would you call?

Whitney Houston, Dead or Alive. I might have to bring her back for it .

Is there something you wish you knew at the start of your career journey?

No actually,

I think one thing will be to rethink and understand that some people don’t matter so calling them out is unnecessary and you can let certain things go.

I  will say discernment is one thing I wish I had at the onset of my career especially in this nuanced industry. It would have influenced my outburst of calling people out. There are so many unwritten rules in this industry and not learning from other people’s mistakes is just somehow.

I however retain my initial response, because everything is good and you grow into learning things. 

Can you describe what your female support group looks like?

I would say that I don’t have many friends, however,  within my close circle of female friends. We all individually take on the diverse roles of everything. Everyone has the adviser side of them, we are all the tea person. So it’s an all-in-one package and that’s the spice we each bring to our blossoming friendship. 

Can you share any form of inequality you face in the course of your work?

Inequality no, not really. Microaggression and passive aggression, yes. 

Can you share practical examples of how you address gender-rooted stereotypes?

Hmm, for instance,  someone refers to me as “sir”  and this happens quite a lot. I say I’m a woman. There are so many ways to address issues like this, the best option is to speak up about it.

This happens quite a lot, I do not know what gives people the presumption that I’m a dude, so when they message me for music clearance. The text would either read “Hello bro”,  or “Hello boss.” Initially, I never used to correct it, plus it served me better, if not it goes from “Hello Sir “ to “Hello Baby” and that’s just outrightly silly.

What Does Code Switching look like to Kulupsy?

Omo ,I have to code switch. I just have to, even Davido code switches.

I work with men as well as with international people. There is definitely code-switching. Sometimes I’m on calls talking in my Nigerian accent and the next thing I switch it up. “Imitates Meeting process  in an American accent.”

Or talking to the artiste and I trying to sound relatable and speak in my most Nigerian accent. I think code-switching is very important. More than anything I do like to be myself. I’m always grounded. 

Is there any woman you would say inspires you?

Hmmm, there is Delvin, Aibee Abidoye, and Kemi Adetiba is also a woman I find inspirational.

How do you see the future of project management in the music industry, what would you say the future looks like for the women in these roles?

The future seems like more women in the space, I feel like women have a certain “je ne sais quoi” and the world is waking up to the realization of how good we are at arrangements. I just hope it gets to the point where we are allowed to lead on things and are not merely be means to an end used for our operational services. 

The future is definitely looking to be more inclusive for women in the management space, whether project management, creative management, or talent management.

You see the likes of Cindy, Moreen, myself, and the beautiful Elizabeth Sobowale for Adekunle Gold, Moyo who is with Bella Shmurda and so many other ladies. There is so much happening for women and I think we would keep on growing in this space.

There is going to be more saturation of women and it will keep on growing I hope more women feel like they belong here because this is a recurring theme on the lips of many women working within the sector.

A majority, if not all of the women I have spoken to say “They feel like a side piece in this equation” Meanwhile we are so vital, and with time we will get to show the world what more we can do in the space. 

What initiatives do you think can be taken to foster a gender-neutral environment?

I think men need to stop being lustfull and see past superficial things. A woman can appear beautiful and be the smartest person thay have ever met, but men are just after superficial and can’t see past beautiful or attractive women. I feel like it needs to be reduced. There is a lot of lust in the space and that’s a double edged sword because they say sex sells but after a while it gets tiring, especially the entrenched misogyny within the space.

The men reinforce this misogyny and it seems the fight is for women by women championing the cause of fighting the inequity they are faced with. While the men, would rather maintain the patriarchal status quo. If more men are championing the fight alongside the women , like calling people out and to order. It should be a fight for everyone, instead of ” that’s how it has always been situation” as it is now.

If it were your last Day on earth, what would you do?

I would definitely not be doing any work. I’ll wake up, water my plant ,feed my pets, rest , and watch a movie. l’ll just chill .  I might bake banana bread and that’s it.

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