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Can you imagine if Iron man also had the power of invisibility? This week our Superhero has the strength, intelligence, tech prowess and wits of Iron man and the power of invisibility…

Describe your superpower as a Marketing Lead, Operations lead and Product manager in the music industry, what would be your superhero name?

A superhero with invisibility as her core power, I will have hands everywhere, almost omnipresent.  Like Iron man with tech to aid his planning using tech, I will have  an aerial view of everything so I can provide operational solutions to problems and  plug people to the right spaces… I will be called mystique. 

You wear many hats, tell us a bit about you, your roles and your journey as a music executive?

I am Olamide-Adeola Ademeso, I work in music marketing, project management and PR. Currently I am the lead facilitator at the DIY Collective, head of operations and marketing lead at KVLT world and Product manager at EMPIRE.

My Journey as a music executive started in late 2018 when I stumbled into a meeting I had no business being in (I was providing moral support) and got a job on the spot as the executive assistant to the CEO of  a management company. I assisted with managing the entire company from finances, bookings, talent management, setting up recording camps etc. Then I went in search of a bigger challenege and 2020 presented an opportunity through my partner and Friend Dafe who introduced me to Victony, which marked the beginning of my journey with KVLT.  I also did some music playlist curation and music content writing for WesokoAfrika , and in late 2021, I started working with EMPIRE as marketing & sales admin and now serve as product manager .

In a nutshell, I did a lot of freelance project management and music marketing, and it has been a journey of learning on the job. 

You are attending the BET Music Awards with an Artist you manage what would you wear, give us a vivid picture? 

Picture Zendaya in a suit on the red carpet. 

You have to create a record label from scratch and you can only start with a team of five people who (including you) who would you pick and what would their positions be? 

Lammy will be leading operations and project management, Dafe heading A&R and talent management, Praise will handle Legal, Stefi K for global marketing and Ebuka Nwobu to be creative director.

The DIY COLLECTIVE Launched in 2022! What is it? What inspired it? 

It is an ecosystem built to bridge the gap between resources needed for growth in the creative industry and young individuals who are in the dark on how to move forward and track success. It is an ecosystem for budding and aspiring creatives. It is not limited to executives.  It was inspired by twitter spaces in 2021, during the debates on which diss track was doing best, the conversations exposed the fact that there was no access to information on how to convert attention to streams, and gain access to certain things as creatives. It was meant to be a random masterclass but as I sat with it, it grew from one masterclass to what it is now. We got 200 applications and we could only pick 20 people to make it an intricate learning experience, Out of the 20 participants, we have gotten 9 of them proper internship placements because after the workshop they participated in a one month accelerator program where they were assigned to a buddy to gain real life experience on their interests. Education and resource provision in terms of hands on experience is the heart of what we do.  

What does success for the DIY Collective look like? And where do you see it going in 5 years? 

Creating a scaled structure for training and implementing practical real life projects for young creatives. It’s about giving access to young creatives, executives etc. providing space in the industry regardless of the OG Tax.

Describe yourself using three colours?

White, Brown and Grey because they depict minimal yet beautiful things e.g me & everything I lay may hands on.

If you could change one thing about Music Business in Africa what would it be and why? 

Access to resources, we need access to resources in the music industry and giving women an opportunity to create impact. 

Your name is going in the hall of fame for people who impacted the music Industry, what would your quote be? 

Never be too scared to implement your disruptive ideas. There is no manual to this. 

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