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In this edition, we introduce an incredibly dynamic and exceptionally gifted individual, adeptly managing roles as an event MC and producing content on the BBC1xtra. —Lanre Shonubi, also known as the Radio God.

Lanre shares insights into the thriving success of Nigerian music, discussing recognition, personal achievements, and the expansive growth of the widely embraced afrobeats sound.

What is your Goat Nigerian Song?

Omo that’s hard oo

Alright, Can you share your  Top 4 songs that successfully pass the litmus test for  Nigerian songs?

Hmmm, I can definitely do the top four.

In no particular order ‘Monalisa’ by Lojay, ‘Feel’ by Davido, ‘Hov’ by Rema, and a  Runtown song must be there. So I’ll add ‘Issues’ by Runtown.

What’s the inspiration behind the moniker ‘Radio God’?

I just called myself Radio God and quite frankly I don’t think I believed in the name till very recently. Even at the time ,I was calling myself that on the radio in Nigeria.

People would ask me what my radio name was and make assertations that my forename Lanre Shonubi is boring as a radio name and that I needed something else.

Originally, I would go ‘What do you mean Lanre Shonubi is boring?  And this is because I really love my name and boring is far from it. Then the name ‘Radio God’ came and I really  am the ‘Radio God.’ So stop playing with me…

How do you perceive the New- generation of afrobeats exports, considering your role, preference, and contributions to the genre?

It’s beautiful that I am in the position to pitch the new gen of Afrobeats. It’s really amazing to watch and the best part is they are making my work easy, having to put artists like Omah Lay in playlist is absolutely breathtaking. I can’t wait to see the next generation coming right after. It feels like no one is stopping in Nigeria, we keep going till we can’t go anymore. Frankly,I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon, as the next generation will be inspired to create something even greater. So I’m most definitely happy.

What would it be if you had all the power in the world and you had to take out one thing and bring in one thing?

I would like to take out all the bad movies that have ever existed and bring back Michael Jackson.

On a more serious note, I would like to take out poverty I just wish everyone was rich and I know the possibility of that ever coming to reality is slim, but I would like to take out poverty genuinely. Also,I would like to bring my Dad back so he can witness all the great things happening to me and we can share in the journey.

How did it feel to make the Turntable 30 under 30 list, recognizing all your hard work and resilience?

 Back story, I have always wanted to be on one of these lists and I’m 28 now. In my head, once you are 30 it seems like what happens to my 30 under 30 plan and I am like ‘damn will I ever get this.?’ Shout out to the people at Turntable. I love what they do and I respect them. 

What was even nicer and stood out for me was that, my mentor was the one who put the nice write-up Eddie Kadie. Big up Eddie Kadie for writing my profile, that is a cemented core memory for me and it will be going into my portfolio.

The list shows that my labor and hard work fell into the ground and yielded fruits. I might print it and put it on a plaque and frame it on my wall.

On your Twitter now X, you made mention of Side to Side Cheek Kisses from eminent personalities, what other things have happened that reinforce that you are in your I am him moment? 

That’s such a good question. I would say, the people that follow me on the internet and the level of access I have to them. I have just said this as a joke, if I sell my Instagram to anyone, they are equipped with the potential to blow. Especially if they have the resources, they can make it in life. The caliber of people that follow me and not just follow me but follow and interact with me. The network and access is one major highlight, that reminds meof how far I have come.

One time Odeal recognized me, I didn’t do it to his face but, in my head, I was like blown.

Another would be artists reaching out to me and telling me how grateful they were for the help I had rendered them and it’s absolutely amazing.

At Ayrra’s recently concluded tour, towards the end of the Birmingham show. I had people come up to me, asking to take pictures. I took so many pictures, that it got to a point where I had to tell my managers that we had to leave. A particular scenario stood out to me, I heard this particular guy say “babe that’s the MC” shortly after he left his girl , came up to me and asked for a picture.

I was at an exclusive event backstage, the type that just seeing the Calibre of individuals there, would have you feel good about yourself. While exchanging pleasantries, I noticed people giving me cheek to cheek type of greeting and it happened like 4 times.

It felt like and epiphany, a serious wow moment for me.

What happened to Lanre Shonubi Tv?

I think consistency is what killed Lanre Shonubi TV. I also believe fear is one of the things that mess up creativity and that really stifled Lanre Shonubi TV. I don’t think Lanre Shonubi TV is dead it’s going to have a nice comeback.


What is your Favourite Nigerian slang?

‘Omo’ I say ‘Omo’ to everything, it means everything it could mean ehh, what, nawa. Omo is such a versatile and exciting word and it could fit into anything and everything.

What is an artistic skill you wish you had?

I wish I could paint, I can sing,Singing is beautiful and I am happy that God bestowed me that gift I can also move my body ,I don’t wish I could really dance. If I rehearse I would dance.

I wish I could paint so well, I wish I could express myself via painting.

 If you could experience a song for the first time again, which one would it be?

That is a good question and I’ll tell you why it’s a good question. I was telling someone that there are so many songs I want to listen to for the first time again. I want to relive that striking moment of listening to it for the first time. 

Let me think of the particular song, because there is a shit ton. It would be “Injabulo by Juls.” I wish to hear the song again for the first time and and relieve every emotion i felt just like the first time I heard it. 

Which event would you want to savor once more?

I have so many but the particular one I would want to relive and it is a Cavemen Concert. I would like the Cavemen to play in a jungle or forest and we have an intimate session in the forest at night. Two hours of just the Cavemen aburn-fire and it’s just vibes.

Arrange these in the hierarchy of what holds importance to you. Kids, Money, Marriage, and Love?

Love first. If you don’t have love I don’t know mehn, it is the most important, then money marriage and then kids.

What era would you say you are in currently?

Laughs, I’m in my hustle era.

I thought you would say I’m in my him era?

I would say that I am in my Pre- I’m-him era and I say this because when I’m in my him era the world will know.

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