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From a little studio at Harmony Crescent, Hilltop Estate in Ibadan to working on the Wakanda Forerver Soundtrack to recently being signed to Universal Music Publishing France , this story has a slow rhythmn and a hard baseline! This is some parts of the story of SirBastien!

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Who is SirBastien?

SirBastien is inspired by everything. SirBastien absorbs and digests art, music and culture to create and curate music and sounds. But really, I’m a producer dude that makes beats in his bedroom. I’m from Ibadan that houses and holds unbounded creativity. I was born in it, molded by it as some may say.  I’m also Parisian by descent from my Mum’s side. I can’t say it with the same cumgagaduagaga as Ibadan because I didn’t grow up there but I visit quite often to spend time with my family! My real name is SirBastien and I am 25 years old yay!

We are creating a comic book about the superheroes of the African music industry, describe your superpower as a Music Producer and what would be your superhero name?

My superhero name would be Distortoman and my superpower would be turning everything upside down, and giving things texture!

How would you describe the production process to your lover ?

Hey girl, Can I play you a song on my guitar. Don’t laugh, its only my 6000th time. Now I need you to say ‘Love and Mangoes’ so I can sample you and put you in my song. Now turn around while I make these drums, because I’m shy. Okay it’s all ready, I hope you enjoy it.

What’s your favorite part of the production process? 

I would say my favourite part is listening to it when its done. But its hardly ever done so it’s pretty rare haha!

Tell us three of your favorite SirBastien created childhood food combos?

I wasn’t very adventurous cooking wise as a child. (I don’t know how many children created dishes hahahah) But my current 3 fav combos that I make:

  1. Eba and Okro (I cry every time I taste my own okro, I also make music with these hands)
  2. Pasta al Ragu (with a sprinkle of Pecorino Romano to sell it)
  3. Fried Rice and Pork Strips (yum)!

What are some tools & things you wish newbie music producers knew? 

I would say not to dull on distortion. It’s the easiest way to add texture and uniqueness to what you’re making. Also to play around with Generative voice AI as it’s currently the future of music production.

When you’re not working on music, what are 5 unexpected things you can be found doing? 

  1. You’ll for sure find me in the kitchen making new dishes from all over the world.
  2. You’ll also find me kicking ass and taking names in Elden Ring!
  3. I also go on a weekly quest to discover new Beers, I’ve currently found and drank almost 30 different kinds.
  4. You can also find me in a classroom doing a masters in engineering ahahah.
  5. And you can find me in Paris! Exploring random streets and talking to strangers!

Who are your music influences and how have they shaped your sound? 

I have some very important influences and a major one I would say is Steve Lacy (I’m sure everyone says this now) I’m really inspired by his approach to song making. Every element is very deliberate and though they can be a bit off kilter, they strictly follow a groove that is easy to digest.  My other influences include SoulBlackSheep (his carefully crafted melodies and songwriting is from another planet), Frank Ocean and Vegyn.

If you could be one city in the world, which city would you be and why? 

I would take Ibadan always. If Nigeria was run by people who care (even just a bit) then I would never leave. But if not Ibadan then I would pick Paris. Its a tough and beautiful place! Paris is tough-love haha!

Tell us about your journey, school,music and working on Black Panther 2?

My journey began in a little studio at Harmony Crescent, Hilltop Estate in Ibadan where a group of young musicians were writing and creating ceaselessly from nothing. We had no equipment, no idea what we were doing but we put everything into it. We eventually created a structure for ourselves and this structure has stuck around till today.

My team is the same team from the very beginning. Lots of love to Eri Ife, Lolu, Proof, Logan and everyone! University really shaped my ideas and exposed me to the independent scene in Nigeria. 

From working with Ilaye on her two projects, gigging around Ibadan and Lagos with Eri Ife, and writing and producing my body of work ‘Mango Island’, I was cooking this stew named SirB.

Working on Black Panther 2 was a dream, I have Seni Saraki, Lady Donli & Lmbskn to thank for bringing me on board. I was able to meet artists and producers from all over the world who were trying to identify with the message of the movie. Spending time with Ryan Coogler and Ludwig Goransson was nothing short of inspiring.

It’s something that shaped the confidence I have today to approach people and tell them I am great at what I do and they should place their trust in me.

And most recently, I was signed to Universal Music Publishing France which has again pushed me out of my comfort zone but is shaping me in new and sometimes scary ways. I’m ready for the growth but it is scary nonetheless haha!

Your name is going in the hall of fame for people who impacted the music industry, what would your quote be? 

Don’t forget, it’s music. You’re supposed to enjoy it 😉

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