Ready? Pass the aux, play! The We Soko Aux #2

illustrator for Ready? Pass the aux, play! The We Soko Aux #2

Titilope Adesanya

The phrase Africa To The World always comes across to me like we are trying to educate everyone about what treasures we have hidden in our cords. Everyone but ourselves.

We erroneously count ourselves out of this ‘world’ yet we are the most important audience.

You can’t convince anyone of how great you are if you don’t think so yourself. So, count your colleague in as part of this ‘world’ your sister, hell your ex even and send them a link to something you think they need to see.

This isn’t really full on report on how the aux session went down, more of a social update of sorts…

While we had drinks and chatted about everything and nothing, the focus was never lost. The future of African Music.

Seems legit to break out all them moves once a banger comes on! Chanda and TK for the win!

There’s always a little story that accompanies any good piece of music and Isuru and Nasi have one in Khuli Blvck

Below is a playlist of the released songs we got to listen to.

Other songs (unreleased) shared at the session includes an interesting art project between Isuru (stand up comedian) and Nasi (rapper part of Hash One), a Chanda Mbao & Gemini Major collaboration, Champion Lover remix by Mikky Jaggaz ft Ice Prince & Gemini Major, Singles from Ckay and OBT, the latest Astryd Brown & Nadia Nakai single ‘Lately’ currently on pre-order and a Ricky Tyler single ‘Everything’ which we can’t wait to have live.

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