Ric Hassani Amplifies Motivation Mantras with  Hassani Fitness Project.

illustrator for Ric Hassani Amplifies Motivation Mantras with  Hassani Fitness Project.

We’re one month into 2024, for some it’s been 30 days of consistency with their New Year’s resolutions. For others a few setbacks here and there, and there are those of us who haven’t gotten a grip on the year just yet.

The truth is, every day presents us with an opportunity to start afresh, cut out on some habits and learn new ones.

Ric Hassani’s watchword is to be consistent and his Hassani Workout sonical fitness project is a dedication to this. 

The highlight “Cardio” Tabata style is dedicated to your Cardio and Fitness Journey with love from Ric Hassani to your ears.

Extracted from the into track “You Ready”. This edition will highlight positive Affirmations to serve and reinforce your 2024 Mantra.

“Get Ready”

 The essence of having projections or resolutions in a new year is to accomplish a desired goal or hit a target. The only way to get this done is by making a conscious plan to accomplish that goal. It is more than wishing to be in a better place, it’s working towards a better place each day. 

“…5,4,3,2,1 Work..”

This is where things get serious, it is more than a fairytale. Achieving your goals for every new phase takes discipline, be it a dream body, eating healthier, or treating yourself and others with more compassion. They all require consistent and proactive effort.

Take small steps every day, set goals, and stay determined. 

Don’t Give up on Yourself, Push Move”

Remember, Progress isn’t always linear but with persistence you build resistance.

There is no guarantee that the journey will be smooth, but every attempt builds your strength. Approach it from the point of view that you are in control of your life, so keep pushing forward.

321 Rest”

After all the hard work, it is important to rest. Acknowledge your efforts and find that healthy balance. Working constantly without breaks hinders optimal productivity. Take a break, recharge, and get ready for the next steps in your journey.

Listen here as you incorporate into your fitness and workout routine.

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