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There’s a depth lacking in conformity and over here, we’re champions for those doing things a little differently, finding new lines in which they can draw up their dreams. As is tradition, this beauty in all its richness and ‘weirdness’ will be celebrated every chance we get. So, speaking in a language that transcends all barriers, we’ve made you a playlist, and it’s “Off Center“. Featuring some of the best alternative music we’ve heard from across the continent carefully curated and handpicked for an experience that leans a little left from the usual vibes. 

We open with ‘Welcome to the Cave’ by the new kings of highlife music in Nigeria ‘The Cavemen’, a beautiful rendition that gives you an insight into the kind of music you are about to experience, highlighting the ones who have undergone an in-depth soul searching to find themselves and the art that they create. The playlist closes up with Jay Bahd’s ‘Y3 Y3 Dom’, a song about unity in Kumerica—a community of Ghanaian artistes who make Drill music, a sound inspired by the modern hip-hop genre infused with their native language. Off Center features the best Alternative music from artistes like the Ghanaian enigma Worlasi, Nigeria’s alté music pioneers Teezee, DRB and Odunsi, South Africa’s Red Robyn, Moroccoan musician Nour Eddine and many more. These songs are soothing, eclectic and are also infused with African elements that take you to a deeper level of self-realization and connection to your African roots. You would enjoy it. We do.

Listen here:

Off Center

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