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This week on “Cool Stuff,” we’re diving into the tunes that shaped our childhood and left a lasting impression. Let’s explore the soulful sounds of the South African Afro Fusion band, “Freshlyground.” After bursting onto the scene in the early 2000s, they blended their diverse backgrounds from Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania into a unique musical concoction.

Mixing pop, jazz, indie rock, and blues, they created something truly special. From sharing the stage with legends like Stevie Wonder to collaborating with Shakira on the 2010 FIFA World Cup anthem, their journey has been incredible. Join us as we highlight some of our favorite tracks from the amazing Freshly Ground discography.

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Doo Be Doo

Doo Be Doo” is the song that put Freshlyground on the map, marking their breakthrough into the mainstream music scene. Featured on their Nomvula album in 2000, this golden track caught the attention of Sony BMG, changing their destiny forever.

But it’s more than just a catchy tune. “Doo Be Doo” carries a message of hope, love, and the pursuit of happiness that resonates with listeners. Its infectious melody and upbeat rhythm invite us to embrace a carefree, joyful existence. With its simple yet powerful lyrics, the song sparks our imagination and reminds us of the childlike wonder within us all.

I’d Like 

I’d Like, is the 6th track from Freshly Ground’s “Nomvula” album. This song expresses the nervous feeling one gets when debating if to share their affection for another. Starting with “What if I kissed you?” it’s about feeling unsure, yet hopeful. The singer just wants to connect, even if it’s scary. It’s a sweet song that talks about love in a simple and nice way.

After the Rain

 This soulful track is like a breath of fresh air, with lyrics and melodies that really hit home. It’s a masterpiece that stirs up all kinds of emotions.

Nomvula in Zulu, which translates to “after the rain”, is all about renewal and transformation. The lyrics paint a picture of longing for the rain, symbolizing hope and a better tomorrow. With its poetic words, captivating rhythm, and authentic African vibe, this song is truly something special.

Fire is Low 

This is the first single off their fourth album “Radio Africa.”

Fire Is Low” is a comforting and hopeful love song The chorus urges listeners to be there for each other when the fire of love burns low. It’s a beautiful reminder to support each other through thick and thin.

 Don’t leave Me 

 The song “Don’t Leave Me” marked the return from a nearly three-year break in 2015. It served as the very first of their new tracks, and it came together during a busy season and time of touring internationally and welcoming new additions to the family.

Don’t leave them is all about sticking together, embracing unity, and understanding human nature.  


 This is the first single from their seventh album, “Can’t Stop.” It’s a tribute to all the amazing black girls all over the world. 

It is an anthem that celebrates being yourself. You can be whoever you want, listen to any music you love, dress however you like, and just embrace being a black girl. Zolani Mahola said it best!

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